Strengthening oversight of Oranga Tamariki and children’s issues

This is an excerpt from my latest submission, this time to the Children’s Independent Oversight Review.

“I find the submission document is somewhat loose in its understanding of the importance of independent roles in holding government to account and has not represented well the distinct characteristics of such roles.

“Holding government to account has been a weak element of public administration and especially child protection in New Zealand, despite the obligations of the state in the Child Welfare Act 1925 and its successors. Even in 1940, the New Zealand Council of Educational Research reported that the monitoring obligations of the 1925 Act had not been fulfilled.

“The recent recognition of the need for a Royal Commission into institutional abuse reflects the continued tardiness of the state in meeting its statutory obligations. This is especially so where the state has deliberately placed itself as a substitute for the natural family of a child.”

Read the full submission here: Superu submission to Children’s Independent Oversight Review